Value Sensitive Design

Technology in Disaster Response and Management: Narratives of Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues

Katrina Petersen, Monika Büscher


Ethical, legal and social issues (ELSI) are widely recognised as important in IT innovation for crisis response and management. However, attention often struggles to get beyond theorising basic concepts, when the realities of how difficulties… Continue reading

Ethically Aware IT Design for Emergency Response: From Co-Design to ELSI Co-Design’

Michael Liegl, Rachel Oliphant, Monika Büscher


The latest EU funding framework, ‘Horizon 2020’, has moved consideration of ethical and societal implications of technology development to the fore. Yet, there is little guidance on how to do such research in… Continue reading

Ethics of Information Systems Design in Humanitarian Sector: Cultivating Humanitarian values among Technologists

Ajay Kumar, Johnny Søraker 


Ethical considerations have been an important part of the humanitarian discourse for decades. The short paper aims to present insights from the point of view of a technology practitioner with field experience in the humanitarian… Continue reading