Situational Awareness

Cross-Media Linking in Times of Disaster

Gerhard Backfried, Christian Schmidt, Gerald Quirchmayr


Many possible links and connections can be observed between the different types of media used for communication during a crisis. These links can be detected and assembled to provide a more complete picture… Continue reading

Visualization of Information Flows and Exchanged Information: Evidence from an indoor fire game

Vimala Nunavath, Jaziar Radianti, Martina Comes, Andreas Prinz


Understanding information flows is essential to improve coordination information systems. Aims of such systems are typically reducing information overload and improving situational awareness. Yet, there is a lack of intuitive and… Continue reading

System Information Management for Risk Reduction (GIRE System) in Schools of Costa Rica

Edward Ruiz


The generation of resilient learning communities has become a priority for the national government of Costa Rica, recognizing the importance of incorporating a cross-cutting component of risk management in the education sector of the country. However, this… Continue reading