Moving Towards Crowd Tasking for Disaster Mitigation

Daniel Auferbauer, Roman Ganhör, Hilda Tellioğlu


Advancements in information and communication technology (ICT) offer new possibilities when dealing with crisis situations. In this paper we present the design for a crowd tasking tool (CTT) that is currently under development.… Continue reading

The Polyvocality of Resilience: Discovering a Research Agenda through Interdisciplinary Investigation & Community Engagement

Robert Soden, Leysia Palen, Claire Chase, Derya Deniz, Erin Arneson, Leah Sprain, Bruce Evan Goldstein, Abbie Liel, Amy Javernick-Will, Shideh Dashti


This paper presents findings from an interdisciplinary research effort studying community resilience in Boulder, Colorado. Boulder is a… Continue reading

Maintaining and Creating Social Infrastructures: Towards a Theory of Resilience

Bryan Semaan, Jeff Hemsley


Societies rely on the social infrastructure for proper societal function. When crises emerge, the importance of the social infrastructure magnifies as people often rely on others, both known and unknown, for support. For citizens experiencing… Continue reading