Ontology-Based Knowledge Representation and Information Management in a Biological Light Fieldable Laboratory

Olga Vybornova, Pierre-Alain Fonteyne, Jean-Luc Gala


A comprehensive ontology has been developed to model the operational domain knowledge and provide information management for a light fieldable laboratory (LFL) performing molecular microbiological analyses. LFL is considered as a toolbox where… Continue reading

Airport security checkpoints: an empirically-grounded ontological model for supporting collaborative work practices in safety critical environments

Chiara Bassetti, Roberta Ferrario, Maria Luiza M. Campos 


Resulting from an interdisciplinary endeavor, the paper proposes an ontological model for supporting collaborative work practices in critical settings, and shows its application to a specific domain. The model is empirically-grounded,… Continue reading

EDXL-RESCUER ontology: Conceptual Model for Semantic Integration

Rebeca Barros, Pedro Kislansky, Laís Salvador, Reinaldo Almeida, Matthias Breyer, Laia Gasparin


This paper describes an ontology created for the RESCUER[1] (Reliable and Smart Crowdsourcing Solution for Emergency and Crisis Management), a project funded by the European Union and… Continue reading

A collaboration platform for data sharing among heterogeneous relief organizations for disaster management

Marcello Cinque, Christian Esposito, Mario Fiorentino, Francisco Jose Perez Carrasco


Recently, we are witnessing the progressive increase in the occurrence of large-scale disasters, characterized by an overwhelming scale and number of causalities. After 72 hours from the disaster occurrence,… Continue reading