Emergency Management

A Scenario-based approach for analyzing complex cascading effects in Operational Risk Management

Miguel Ramírez de la Huerga, Victor A. Bañuls, Murray Turoff


This is the first paper to apply Cross Impact Analysis (CIA) and Interpretative Structural Modeling (ISM) methods for analyzing complex cascading effects in Operational Risk Management in an industrial… Continue reading

Geo-fence driven crowd-sourcing for Emergencies

Suvodeep Mazumdar, Stuart N. Wrigley, Neil Ireson, Fabio Ciravegna


For some emergency situations an effective response can be reliant on sensor data (e.g. river level, traffic flow, weather conditions) to provide situation awareness, in order to help authorities make… Continue reading

Participatory Mapping for Disaster Preparedness: The Development & Standardization of Animal Evacuation Maps

Joanne I. White, Leysia Palen


People who own animals are faced with complex decision making in evacuations. In the US, the Emergency Operations Center is often inundated with calls from animal owners who are aware they are under pre-… Continue reading

Red Tape: Attitudes and Issues Related to Use of Social Media by U.S. County-Level Emergency Managers

Linda Plotnick, Starr Roxanne Hiltz, Jane A. Kushma, Andrea Tapia


Social media are ubiquitous in modern society.  Among their uses are to provide real-time information during crisis.  One might expect that emergency management agencies in the U.S. make use… Continue reading