Crisis Management

A Framework for Shelter Location Decisions by Ant Colony Optimization

Hossein Baharmand, Tina Comes


Earthquakes frequently destroy the homes and livelihoods of thousands. One of the most important concerns after an earthquake is to find a safe shelter for the affected people. Because of large numbers of potential locations,… Continue reading

Twitter as an instrument for crisis response: The Typhoon Haiyan case study

Ntalla Athanasia, Ponis T. Stavros


The research presented in this paper attempts an initial evaluation of Twitter as an instrument for emergency response in the context of a recent crisis event. The case of the 2013 disaster, when typhoon… Continue reading

Text Analysis Tool TWeet lOcator – TAT2

Adam Flizikowski, Marcin Przybyszewski, Anna Stachowicz, Tomasz Olejniczak, Rafał Renk


Information about location and geographical coordinates in particular, may be very important during a crisis event, especially for search and rescue operations – but currently geo-tagged tweets are extremely rare.… Continue reading

Development of a Virtual Community of Practice on Natural Disasters

Raquel Gimenez, Leire Labaka, Jose Mari Sarriegi, Josune Hernantes


This research identifies from literature principles of successful Virtual Communities of Practice (VCoPs) and explains how they have been fulfilled in the development of a VCoP that aims at contributing… Continue reading