Cascading effects

Improving emergency preparedness with simulation of cascading events scenarios

Alexander Garcia-Aristizabal, Maria Polese, Giulio Zuccaro, Miguel Almeida, Christoph Aubrecht


Natural or man-made disasters can trigger other negative events leading to tremendous increase of fatalities and damages. In case of Low Probability – High consequences events, decision makers are… Continue reading

Cascading effects in crises: categorisation and analysis of triggers

Kim Hagen, Meropi Tzanetakis, Hayley Watson 


The analysis of cascading effects in crisis situations can enhance crisis managers’ understanding of how crises unfold and what prominent triggers of cascading effects are. By identifying and categorising triggers of cascading effects,… Continue reading

Experiencing GMA as a means of developing a conceptual model of the problem space involving understanding cascading effects in crises

Hayley Watson, Kim Hagen, Tom Ritchey


A complex challenge facing those involved in crisis management relates to how to manage cascading effects in crisis situations. This paper provides a practice-based insight into the use of General Morphological Analysis (GMA),… Continue reading