Call for EU Project Symposium

Download the call for EU Project Symposium:

Conference theme: Getting ready for the unexpected.
Information Systems for Crisis Management in a complex and uncertain world

Conference dates: May 24-27 2015
Venue: Centre for Integrated Emergency Management / University of Agder.
Kristiansand, Norway


NOTE NEW DUE DATE: 6th of March

ISCRAM 2015, ‘Getting ready for the unexpected – IS for Crisis Management in a complex and uncertain world’ is a global conference that aims to dedicate a space to bring together on-going European projects in a central environment to present and discuss their work. Such an opportunity is fundamental in enabling research groups to consider whether there are any synergies between their work and those of others. The Symposium serves as an opportunity for participants to work towards and build ties for future collaboration and engage with those conference participants from across Europe and beyond.

The Symposium kicks-off on 26 May with a networking dinner that coincides with the ISCRAM conference dinner. It will provide participants with an informal opportunity to engage with those involved in crisis related research from across Europe, as well as International conference participants and will therefore help participants to begin building relationships prior to the ‘working’ session. On 27 May the working session will begin; it will include a set of presentations, guest speaker and panels from representatives from research, industry and practitioners from across Europe. Later in the afternoon, participants can participate in the demo session and/or run their own demonstrations and/or posters, as well as have a final opportunity to network with others during our wine and cheese event. For further information on submitting a proposal for running a demonstration please see the call on the ISCRAM website.

We invite applications from practitioners (end-users), industry and researchers from a range of areas relevant to ISCRAM including (but not excluded to):

  • Social media & crisis management
  • Decision support systems
  • Foresight & risk analysis
  • Ethical, legal & social issues
  • Big ‘crisis’ data
  • Innovation and trends in information systems for crisis management
  • Practitioners experiences in crisis research projects
  • Upcoming calls and opportunities for collaboration


Tuesday 26 May

  • Evening: ISCRAM Conference Dinner

Wednesday 27 May (Full day)

  • ISCRAM Keynote Speaker – Lars Petter Nissen (ACAPS) (To be confirmed)
  • Project presentations
  • Networking lunch
  • Guest speaker (TBC)
  • Discussion panel with representatives from:  Practitioners, industry and research
  • Speed networking session
  • ISCRAM demonstrations & poster session – wine and cheese


For those who present during the symposium, their participation will be recorded in the EU Symposium proceedings, detailing:

  • Project title
  • Abstract [up to 200 words]
  • Project website
  • Project Twitter account
  • Presenter details
  • Funding details

Upon acceptance, participants will be provided with a template and copyright agreement to complete for the inclusion of their project in the EU Project Symposium Proceedings. The EU Symposium Proceedings will be published on the ISCRAM 2015 website.


  • Registration Fee: 500 NOK
  • Conference dinner: 1000 NOK
  • Project package – rate: 3500 NOK – inclusive of up to three registrations and two dinner entries (please ensure all three participants are included in your application).

Please note: If you are paying to attend the ISCRAM conference you do NOT have to pay the Symposium (workshop) fee. 


In order to apply to join and participate in this event, please visit the following website to complete the application form:

Please note: where possible we will work with the conference organisers to ensure that if you are giving a paper at the ISCRAM conference this does not clash with the Symposium.

Please ensure you apply by 6 March 2015.



Practitioners can apply for funding to cover the registration fees for attending the symposium (no dinner included). To apply please complete the application form:

ISCRAM will give out a limited amount of bursaries. Selection will be done by an assessment of the form. A commission consisting of ISCRAM board members and conference organizers will be appointed for this task.

(Note: please ensure you have also applied to participate – above)



For further information please contact:


  • Vitaveska Lanfranchi – K-Now
  • Hayley Watson – Trilateral Research & Consulting
  • Tim Clark – Milcord