Kristiansand is a beautiful city on the southern coast of Norway, facing the European continent and surrounded by water on three sides. Although the whole town centre fits within one square kilometre, it is Norway’s fifth largest city, with a population of about 85,000 inhabitants. The city has a several cultural attractions, beautiful scenery and many restaurants. Find out more on Visit Norway

Join us at the Norwegian Riviera!

The climate is fairly mild. Around mid May the average maximum temperature is 16 degrees Celsius (61 Fahrenheit). May is on average a month with little precipitation and much sunshine.

How to get there?

By air: Sørlandet (Southern Norway) is easy to reach; Kristiansand has an airport with connections to Oslo, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and other major European hubs. The airport is named Kjevik. For details see  On land: You can also join us by train from Oslo and Stavanger, and by ferry from Hirtshals in Northern Denmark.

There are regular airport buses into the central bus station (Rutebilstasjonen) and the trip takes about 30 minutes. For information and timetable, please click here, and check for transportation FROM Kjevik Lufthavn (Kristiansand) TO Kristiansand rutebilstasjon (Kristiansand) that matches the date and time of your arrival.

Getting around

Most bus lines passing through Kvadraturen (city centre) also pass through the University. The university station is called “UiA Spichern”. Buses have digital display of stations. Please get off the bus at the “UiA Spichern” station.

Kristiansand city centre from the air

Kristiansand city centre from the air