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ISCRAM 2015_Poster Proposal

Conference theme: Getting ready for the unexpected.
Information Systems for Crisis Management in a complex and uncertain world

Conference dates: May 24-27 2015
Venue: Centre for Integrated Emergency Management / University of Agder.
Kristiansand, Norway


DUE DATE : 30 January 2015


This document describes instructions for submitting proposals for posters at ISCRAM 2015.  It describes

  • the poster session,
  • the poster guidelines that help you designing your poster once it is accepted,
  • the guidelines for submitting a poster proposal,
  • the template for your poster proposal.

We kindly ask you to submit only the poster proposal (completed 3rd and 4th page of this document) to us.

Description of the poster session

The ISCRAM 2015 poster session will provide an opportunity to interact informally with conference attendees, using a standard-size poster as a visual aid (see instructions below). Presenting a poster is also a good way in which to discuss and receive feedback on a research in progress that has not been fully developed into a paper. To facilitate this interaction, the ISCRAM 2015 poster session will be held in areas, where foot traffic is expected to be high.

ISCRAM 2015 Poster Guidelines

You may find it useful to examine the following guidelines on preparing an effective poster (, consulted on Dec. 19th, 2012).

The maximum dimensions for a poster are expected to be approximately 100 cm high by 60 cm wide. Written text should be readable from a distance of about 2 meters. That is approximately a minimum of about 20 point font, but larger is always better. Please do not feel obligated to consume the entire surface of the poster stand.

Note: We will provide a template for posters in due time.

Posters should not be previously published or based on a previous poster. A list of the poster titles and authors will be included in the conference proceedings and the program. Poster proposals or posters are not published in the conference proceedings.

Submission and evaluation

All submissions of poster proposals must be uploaded to the conference’s online submission system:

Please upload though the dedicated Posters track in Conftool.

Template: Please use the template on pages 3 and 4 of this document: ISCRAM 2015_Poster Proposal

Proposals will be evaluated based on significance, relevance, and clarity.

For questions please contact ISCRAM2015.posters@ISCRAM.ORG

Christian Webersik, University of Agder
Posters Chair