Call for Papers: Community Engagement

Conference theme: Getting ready for the unexpected – IS for Crisis Management in a complex and uncertain world
Conference Dates: May 24-27 2015

TRACK 9: Community Engagement

Download this call for papers:09-ISCRAM2015_Community_Engagement-CfP

Introduction to the track

Community Engagement is often an afterthought in crisis planning, recovery efforts, and research and has been repeatedly identified as a failure point in major disasters. Creating effective, enduring research partnerships that bring together information scientists, community engaged researchers, and a wide range of community stakeholders (including, but not limited to, first responder groups) can improve scientific understanding and strengthen community response capacity.

New, typically under-evaluated models of decision making and decision support for community crisis management systems are used in large scale interventions. Community Engagement in Research (CEnR) also is complex, resource intensive endeavour that is not as controlled as laboratory based research. This track will engage participants in a discussion of specific CEnR projects geared toward integrating community, informatics, and disaster management as well as the theoretical and practical problems associated with performing research in this space. Special attention will also be paid to citizen observatory and citizen sensor approaches.

Track topics

  • Community/Academic partnerships for disaster planning & response
  • Crisis information systems design for underserved & marginalized communities
  • Community centered (as opposed to individual centered) information systems design
  • Attitudes of practitioners towards using new technologies for crisis management
  • Working effectively with civil defense & first responder experts and authorities
  • Integrative crisis management research: engineering – social and computer science – humanities – crisis management practitioners
  • Citizen observatories & citizen-based remote sensor networks
  • Mixed methods research approaches for community engaged disaster management

Track Chair and Co-Chairs

Zeno Franco, PhD*
Clinical & Translational Science Institute – Community Engagement
Medical College of Wisconsin, USA

Christine Adler, Dr, Master of Advanced Studies:
Ludwig Maximilians University
Dept. Psychology, Munich, Germany

Syed Ahmed, , MD, MPH, DrPH
Senior Associate Dean for Community Engagement
Clinical & Translational Science Institute
Medical College of Wisconsin, USA

*Corresponding Chair