Call for papers: Researching Crisis: Methodologies

Conference theme: Getting ready for the unexpected – IS for Crisis Management in a complex and uncertain world
Conference Dates: May 24-27 2015

TRACK 12: Researching Crisis: Methodologies

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Introduction to the track

Crises are complex and their systematic study requires the application of knowledge and research approaches from many disparate
disciplines. Sometimes those disciplines disagree on what are acceptable methods for researching crises, and sometimes it simply is
not clear if, and how, existing methods can be applied in the complex context of crises. This track focuses on formal research methods (i.e.
not simply systems descriptions) for researching crises. There will be a special emphasis on studies that integrate methods from multiple
research areas (for example, Serious Games + Cognitive Psychology, or Humanitarian Logistics + Organizational Theory). Papers that
address crisis research with an eye toward “real world” application will be regarded particularly favorably. High quality theoretical essays will
be considered. Researchers using innovative methods that have submitted their results to other tracks are encouraged to also
consider submitting papers describing those methods in deeper detail to this track.

Track topics

  • Research and theory on low probability, high consequence events
  • Difficulties articulating between informatics and social science methods
  • Advances in crisis informatics theory
  • Approaches that improve relevance of research for crisis leaders and response teams
  • Challenges of doing research under real crisis conditions
  • Ethics of research involving people experiencing or having experienced crisis
  • Novel applications of traditional techniques, creative ways of getting hard-to-reach data
  • Challenges in studying exercises and training vs real crisis situations

Track Chair and Co-Chairs

Bas Lijnse, PhD*
Radboud University Nijmegen

Zeno Franco, PhD
Medical College of Wisconsin

*Corresponding Chair