Call for papers: Analytical Modeling and Simulation

Conference theme: Getting ready for the unexpected – IS for Crisis Management in a complex and uncertain world
Conference Dates: May 24-27 2015

Track 2: Analytical Modeling and Simulation

Download this call for papers:02-ISCRAM2015_AMS_CFP

Introduction to the track

The purpose of this track is to discuss the development and application of analytic problem-solving techniques, including simulation,
optimization, and statistical analysis, which can help improve decision making in the context of disaster operations management. Such
analytic tools can be particularly important for managing disaster preparedness and response because better decision making can lead to
improvements in operational effectiveness and response times. Similarly, for either disaster mitigation planning or disaster recovery efforts,
improving the ability to make informed decisions can help organizations identify operational efficiencies and therefore lead to more effective
use of limited resources.
This track invites both theoretical and applied research papers discussing topics relevant to the concepts of modeling and simulation. Its overall
purpose is to provide a dedicated venue for such research to be shared and discussed, and thus to highlight the breadth and depth of efforts to
improve the efficiency and effectiveness of disaster operations management. In honor of this year’s conference theme, submissions which explicitly
consider modeling risk and uncertainty are particularly welcome.

Track topics

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Quantitative modeling and process optimization associated with mitigation, preparedness, response, or recovery
  • Modeling and analysis of disaster resilience
  • Simulation modeling and analysis
  • Stochastic optimization and modeling
  • Data mining and information analysis

Track Chair and Co-Chairs

Christopher Zobel (Track Chair)
Virginia Tech

Josey Chacko (Co-chair)
Virginia Tech

Kash Barker (Co-chair)
University of Oklahoma