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Conference theme: Getting ready for the unexpected.
Information Systems for Crisis Management in a complex and uncertain world

Conference dates: May 24-27 2015
Venue: Centre for Integrated Emergency Management / University of Agder.
Kristiansand, Norway



Long Papers: November 21st 2014 (time zone set at the international dateline, the last possible hour of that day)
Short Papers: January 30th 2015 (time zone set at the international dateline, the last possible hour of that day)

Emergencies are characterized by their ‘un-ness’‘…unexpected, unscheduled, unplanned, unprecedented and definitely unpleasant’ (Crichton 2003) – they are unexpected and unknowable in their specific unfolding. However good plans and scenarios may be, uncertainty is a defining feature in emergency events. Through this conference theme we invite Tracks and submissions focusing on the technologies, procedures, approaches, methods and tools that can be employed to improve crisis response in an increasingly complex and dynamic world. Creative and critical reflections are welcome.


ISCRAM2015 invites two categories of papers:

Long papers with a target acceptance rate of 35 % presenting completed work including a description of methods, results and validation (4,000-6,000 words references included).
Deadline: November 21st 2014
IMPORTANT: This is a hard deadline that will not be changed.

Short papers presenting work in earlier stages, outlining concepts and discussing first results (2,000-3,500 words references included))
Deadline: January 30th 2015

You are also invited to choose the review process:

  • Research papers will be reviewed according to scientific standards
  • Insight Papers are reviewed with respect to practical relevance and applicability

For each type of paper, submissions are welcome from academics, researchers, practitioners, technical or other experts, policy makers, or other professionals in the emergency management domain. The ISCRAM2015 proceedings will clearly identify the type of submission and reviewing process chosen.

If you are unsure which type of paper is best for your work, please contact the track chairs of the track you intend to submit to, or contact us directly at iscram2015.papers@iscram.org.

Other forms of contributions: separate calls are or will be made for workshops, panels (deadline: Nov 21st), posters, demonstrations, and the doctoral consortium (deadline: Jan 30th). All calls will be published on iscram2015.uia.no.


  1. Read through the calls of the individual tracks, and select the track that is closest to the topic of your paper. If you cannot decide if your paper “fits” in a specific track, message the corresponding track chair with your title and a draft abstract, for his or her advice. Contact information for track chairs are mentioned in the calls to be downloaded below.
    Or, message the program and conference chairs at iscram2015.papers@iscram.org
  2. Authors must submit papers electronically through the conference system. Click Here To Access
  3. All papers must use the ISCRAM paper template and follow the ISCRAM house style.
    Long paper template: ISCRAM2015_Conference_LongPaperTemplate
    Short paper template: ISCRAM2015_Conference_ShortPaperTemplate


Individual Call for Papers for each Track


1. Network Theory tracks_network_s 8. Social Media Studies tracks_socialmedia_s
2. Analytical Modelling and Simulation tracks_analytics_s 9. Community Engagement tracks_community_s
3. Planning, Foresight and Risk Analysis tracks_planning_s 10. Decision Support System tracks_decision_s
4. Ethical, Legal and Social Issues tracks_ethical_s 11. Practitioner Cases And Practitioner-Centered Research tracks_practitioner_s
5. Geospatial Data and Geographical Information Science tracks_geo_s 12. Researching Crisis: Methodologies tracks_transdisc_s
6. Command & Control Studies tracks_command_s 13. Serious Gaming tracks_games_s
7. Human Centred Design and Evaluation tracks_humancentered_s 14. Understanding Collaborative Work Practices tracks_collaboration_s
15. Open Track tracks_open_s The Open Track invites submission that clearly addresses the theme of the ISCRAM2015 conference, but do not fit into one of the tracks. ISCRAM follows a bottom up approach to work with the best researchers in the field to establish the thematic thrust of ISCRAM conferences. These researchers organise tracks that are meant to attract competitive long and short papers. This year, we will complement this approach by inviting researchers to organise workshops in areas that are not yet covered by the tracks. (The call will soon be available on this website.)
However, this may miss paper submissions in emerging fields or research areas that are new to ISCRAM. If you would like to author such a paper, we welcome you to submit your work to the open track.

Important Dates for ISCRAM 2015 Authors

  • 21 November 2014 Long Papers & Panel Proposals deadline
  • 16 January 2015 Acceptance notification: Long Papers
  • 30 January 2015 Short Papers, Demos & Posters deadline
  • 10 February Camera ready copies of Long Papers deadline
  • 20 February Notification of acceptance for Short Papers, Demos, Posters
  • 27 February 2015 Camera ready Short Papers deadline

Submission of the camera-ready version on Feb 27 is a commitment to sending at least one author per paper to the conference. If authors are on multiple papers, the number of registrations in total must meet or exceed the number of papers per collective author group.

Conference Dates

Sunday, May 24 2015 Doctoral Colloquium
Beer evening
Monday, May 25, 2015 1st Day of Conference
Poster Session
Welcome Reception
Tuesday, May 26 2015 2nd Day of Conference
ISCRAM General Assembly
Demo Session
Award Ceremony
Conference Banquet
Wednesday, May 27 2015 through to about 5 pm Final Conference Day
Closing Session and Farewell


We look forward to receiving your Track proposals.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at iscram2015.papers@iscram.org


Monika Buscher, Leysia Palen, Amanda Hughes and Tina Comes