Call for short video

ISCRAM2015 is now asking you to present yourself and your preparations for the Conference in a Short Video.

If you are presenting a Long or Short paper, a poster, a demo, or give a workshop and tutorial, you can use this opportunity to invite people to see your presentation. If you are organizing a Track, Tutorial, Workshop, or Panel, we invite you to let us know why you think this area is important to all of ISCRAM.

Please make a short video (length restricted to 2-3 minutes) of yourself, tell us who your are, what your background is, what you will be presenting at ISCRAM2015 and why people should come and listen. We are also interested to know if this is your first ISCRAM experience, and what your expectations for this year’s conference are.

You can send this video through email or dropbox link to Apoorva Chauhan at You can also chose to write a tweet, or a Facebook or Google+ post about yourself and your work. Your post will be presented during the ISCRAM2015 conference – which in turn will make you more known in the community, and will help you in networking faster.

The organizers and chairs of ISCRAM2015 are excited to hear from all of you! Thanks!

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