Tutorial: Visual Analytics with Social Media for Crisis Management

Duration: Full day

Presenter: Dr Suvodeep Mazumdar, University of Sheffield, http://staffwww.dcs.shef.ac.uk/people/S.Mazumdar/

Description and Objectives:

A hands-on tutorial on social media visual analytics for crisis management!

The purpose of this tutorial is to look at the main social media platforms and how it is possible to access and manipulate them to visually support analytics tasks. The tutorial is aimed at students, academics and practitioners from the ISCRAM community that want to understand how visual analytics can support crisis management.

The tutorial will, first of all examine the various social media sources available and how we can get access to them. Freely available open source tools and libraries for data visualisation will be presented alongside with techniques to analyse and extract information from social media.

A hands-on session will involve participants in creating visual analytics solutions for a pre-defined dataset (i.e. sporadic Social Media posts generated over a few days prior to the event), followed by a group discussion on possible new design and interactions.

Key Topics

  • Reviewing social data platforms and available APIs
  • Analysing and organising social data streams
  • Using open source tools and libraries for visualising data streams
  • Designing and testing visual analytics interfaces

There is a limit of 20 participants as the tutorial will be hands-on with the tutors actively supporting participants during the tasks.  No prior experience of visual analytics or social media API is needed although familiarity with coding practices will be a plus.

Attendees are asked to email S. Mazumdar (s.mazumdar@sheffield.ac.uk) and V.Lanfranchi (vita@k-now.co.uk), with a short description of their skills and experience.

Participant equipment requirements:

Participants will be required to carry their laptops and have: