Geospatial ICT Support for Crisis Management and Response

Thomas Usländer, Ingo Simonis


Efficient crisis response and management requires well-informed actors and stakeholders and effective means for communication and policy enforcement. A secure and dependable geospatial information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure may be an indispensable aid if it is tailored to the needs of the respective risk and crisis management phases and the various users.

During an ISCRAM 2015 workshop experts of the risk and crisis management community meet software architects and engineers of the geospatial domain. The objective is to investigate use cases and map them to capabilities of an underlying geospatial ICT infrastructure. The workshop shall launch a sustainable discussion between ISCRAM and the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), especially its Emergency and Disaster Management (EDM) domain working group, beyond ISCRAM 2015.

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