Next Generation, Secure Cloud-based Pan-European Information System for Enhanced Disaster Awareness

Maike Kuhnert, Christian Wietfeld, Olivier Paterour, Alexander Georgiev, Katrina Petersen, Monika Büscher, Jens Pottebaum


Information management in disaster situations is challenging, yet critical for efficient response and recovery. Today information flows are difficult to establish, partial, redundant, overly complex or insecure, besides the interoperability between heterogeneous organisations is limited. This paper presents a novel system architecture that enables combining of several communication technologies in a secure manner. This supports creation of a pan-European ‘Common Information Space’ by rescue organizations that can enable more efficient and effective information management in disaster response. Moreover, this technology can be used for disaster preparedness (e.g., training, tutorials). The modular architecture is designed to consider future evolutions of technology by defining interfaces for the integration of new technologies and services.

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