Decentralized Evacuation System Based on Occupants Distribution and Building Information

Yaping Ma, Hui Zhang, Tao Chen, Rui Yang


Effective evacuation is critical for safety of occupants. The exiting evacuation systems lack flexibility and don’t consider the distribution of occupants. It is possible to direct occupants to danger areas or cause congestion in certain areas. In this paper, a decentralized evacuation system is proposed to compute the safest path in real time. The system is composed of fire detection sensors, zone controllers, elevator sensors, human tracking and monitoring systems and dynamic egress signs. All devices are placed at the predetermined locations based on integrated design of the building. The entire building is divided into many basic zones which are operating quite independently, and global information is communicated to neighboring zones and consequently to entire network by zone controllers. The system acts in decentralized fashion. The elevator and dynamic factors are considered in guidance system. Simulations are performed to determine the advantage of the system.

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