Automated Analysis and Adaptation of Disaster Response Processes with Place-Related Restrictions

Marlen Hofmann, Hans Betke, Stefan Sackmann


For recent years, disaster response management is considered as a promising field for applying methods and tools from business process management. Especially the development of adaptive workflow management systems (WfMS) brought a process-oriented management of highly dynamic disaster response processes (DRP) within tangible reach. However, time criticality, unpredictability or complex and changing disaster reality make it impossible to analyze and adapt ongoing DRP within reasonable time manually. Hence, to foster the application of disaster response WfMS in practice, it becomes mandatory to develop methods supporting an (semi-)automated analyses and adaption of ongoing DRP. Addressing this research gap, we present a novel method called DRP-ADAPT which analyzes given DRP models with respect to place-related conflicts and resolves inoperable response activities (semi-)automatically by process adaptation.

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