Recover Faster from Disaster: Success Factors for a Crowdsourcing Platform

Bonny Roos, Kim van Buul-Besseling, Jan-Willem Streefkerk, Martijn Neef


In this paper, we present a model that identifies seven success factors for the development of crowdsourcing platforms for disaster recovery. This model integrates two existing theories. The first theory focuses on success factors of crowdsourcing initiatives in general. The second theory states how disaster relief operations can improve when they take the psychological components of resilience into account. By merging the core principles of these two theories and adding additional knowledge gained from literature study, we constructed an integrated success factor model for use in the development of crowdsourcing applications for disaster recovery. An initial validation of the success factor model was conducted within a case study on a crowdsourcing platform for disaster recovery which is currently being developed. Conclusions are drawn with regards to the applicability of the model to guide development of crowdsourcing platforms for disaster recovery.

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