Text Analysis Tool TWeet lOcator – TAT2

Adam Flizikowski, Marcin Przybyszewski, Anna Stachowicz, Tomasz Olejniczak, Rafał Renk


Information about location and geographical coordinates in particular, may be very important during a crisis event, especially for search and rescue operations – but currently geo-tagged tweets are extremely rare. Improved capabilities of capturing additional location from Twitter (up to 4 times improvement) are crucial for response efforts given a vast amount of messages exchanged during a crisis event. That is why authors have designed a tool (Text Analysis TWeet lOcator – TAT2) that relies on existing open source text analysis tools with additional services to provide additional hints about people location. Validation process, complementing experimentation and test results, included involvement of end-users (i.e. Public Protection and Disaster Relief services and citizens during a realistic crisis exercise showcase. In addition, the integration of TAT2 with external tools has also been validated.

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