Bayesian Classification of Disaster Events on the Basis of Icon Messages of Observers

Leon J. M. Rothkrantz, Siska Fitrianie


During major disaster events, human operators in a crisis center will be overloaded with under-stress a flood of phone calls. As an increasing number of people in and around big cities do not master the native language, the need for automated systems that automatically process the context and content of information about disaster situations from the communicated messages becomes apparent. To support language-independent communication and to reduce the ambiguity and multitude semantics, we developed an icon-based reporting observation system. Contrast to previous approaches of such a system, we link icon messages to disaster events without using Natural Language Processing. We developed a dedicated set of icons related to the context and characteristic features of disaster events. The developed system is able to compute the probability of the appearance of possible disaster events using Bayesian reasoning. In this paper, we present the reporting system, the developed icons, the Bayesian model, and the results of two experiments.

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