Development of a Geographic Information System for Riverine Flood Disaster Evacuation in Canberra, Australia: Trip Generation and Distribution Modelling

Ahmed T. Elsergany, Amy L. Griffin, Paul Tranter, Sameer Alam


Given the importance of geographic information for riverine flood evacuations, a geographic information system (GIS) is a vital tool for supporting successful flood evacuation operations. This paper discusses the development of a GIS-based riverine flood evacuation model which used to model trip distributions between flooded areas and relocation shelters. As the ultimate goal of this research is to simulate, model, and optimise a planned evacuation, all components of evacuation time have been considered (e.g., travel time between flooded areas and relocation shelters, warning time for each flooded area, and the time needed for evacuation before these areas get inundated). As well, variation in population (static and dynamic population) within the flooded areas has been considered.

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