Development of Real Time Synchronous Web Application for Posting and Utilizing Disaster Information

Ikki Niwa, Toshihiro Osaragi, Takuya Oki, Noriaki Hirokawa


In a large earthquake, rescue operations and fire-fighting are obstructed by fire-spreading and street-blockages. Therefore, it is important to quickly collect and utilize disaster information for disaster mitigation. In this paper, firstly, we develop a Web application for posting and viewing information collected by users in real time. Using this system, it is possible not only to easily share disaster information among users but also to apply to damage forecast such as fire-spreading. Next, we demonstrate the usefulness of the Web application by the following evaluation view points: (1) relationship between the access time of emergency vehicles from fire stations to the locations of fires and the ratio of collected information on street-blockage which is assumed to be collected with this system; (2) reciprocating time between a server and a client which is dependent on the number of users and band limitation after the occurrence of a disaster.

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