Risk Analysis of International Spreading in 2014 Ebola Outbreak to China Compared to Social Media

Xiao LongDeng, Hui Zhang, Ya Qi Tang, Le Yi Ren


The 2014 West African EbolaOutbreak raisedfrom Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia at December in 2013 has been reported to cause 21296 cases and 8429 deaths until now which became the deadliest recorded in history. In this paper, we proposed the riskanalysis to assess the international spread risk from mentioned three African countries to China by GEM(Global Epidemic Mobility) Model. As another part of analysis, we crawled related online social media data of Ebola from the most four favorite online social networks (including SINA, TENCENT) in China from June to November in 2014.By analyzing these attained social media data and airline data of GEM, we found some interesting results. For example, Beijing has the most importing risk of Ebola while it has the hottest discussion on social network.. Furthermore, we showed analysis of combining social network data with geographicaldemonstration and Chinese citizen sentiment towards this disaster. 

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