Supporting first responder in-field communication and navigation using head-mounted displays

Fahd Bin Malek Newaz, Aslak Wegner Eide, Antoine Pultier


This paper explores the added-value of using interactive head-mounted displays to support command and control of first responders during emergency response. Specifically, it describes and evaluates a prototype system that makes use of Google Glass to enable in-field receiving of information from a command center, as well as in-field navigation and video streaming. The viability and usefulness of the concept was evaluated through a set of end-user workshops and interviews. A small-scale experiment was also conducted to assess the efficiency of using head-mounted displays for in-field navigation, as compared to handheld devices. Findings from workshops and interviews suggest that head-mounted displays could be a valuable supplement to radio communication, with potential for reducing information misinterpretation, and for enhancing information quality. Results from the experiment indicate that head-mounted displays have the same level of efficiency as handheld devices when used for basic navigation tasks.

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