Disaster E-Health: A New Paradigm for Collaborative Healthcare in Disasters

A C Norris, S Martinez, L Labaka, S Madanian, J J Gonzalez, D Parry


Disaster management and disaster medicine are well-established disciplines for responding to disasters and providing care for individuals whose health and well-being has been affected.  However, these disciplines have different origins, development, and priorities so that communication and coordination across them during disasters is often lacking, leading to delayed, sub-standard, inappropriate, or even unavailable. Moreover, neither discipline exploits the new range of e-health technologies such as the electronic health record or telehealth and mobile health that are revolutionizing non-disaster healthcare. We need a new paradigm that applies information and e-health technologies to improve disaster health planning and response. This paper describes the initial stages of a project to develop such a paradigm by scoping and developing the area of disaster e-health.

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