Multiple Alert Message Encapsulation Protocol: Standardization and Experimental Activities

Luca Simone Ronga,  Sara Jayousi, Renato Pucci, Simone Morosi, Matteo Berioli, Josef Rammer, Alessio Fanfani, Stefano Antonetti


When a disaster occurs, the delivery of alerts to the population is a key element to prevent the loss of life and property and to increase the efficiency of precautionary measures. Advanced information and communication technologies enable new channels to reach people (e.g. mobile phones, Internet connected devices, smart TVs). Satellite systems represent an unique and efficient solution for delivering one-to-many messages, but in order to reach the maximum number of people in the target area with a reliable information service, a specific technical solution is needed. This paper gives an overview of an on-going ETSI standardization activity devoted to the definition of a Multiple Alert Message Encapsulation protocol over Satellite (MAMES) for the delivery of alerts to the population in the case of a disaster. Moreover, an experimental activity (the SatAlert experiment) for testing and validating the MAMES applicability to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites is presented.

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