EDXL-RESCUER ontology: Conceptual Model for Semantic Integration

Rebeca Barros, Pedro Kislansky, Laís Salvador, Reinaldo Almeida, Matthias Breyer, Laia Gasparin


This paper describes an ontology created for the RESCUER[1] (Reliable and Smart Crowdsourcing Solution for Emergency and Crisis Management), a project funded by the European Union and the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, it uses crowdsourcing information for supporting Industrial Parks (InPa) and Security Forces during an emergency situation. The proposal, EDXL-RESCUER ontology, is based on EDXL (Emergency Data Exchange Language), and it aims to be the RESCUER conceptual model related to the coordinating and exchanging of information with legacy systems. The ontology was evaluated with end users during a workshop and the results show that EDXL-RESCUER is adequate for Emergency and Crisis domain in InPa and Security forces contexts.

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