OntoEmergePlan: variability of emergency plans supported by a domain ontology

Maria I. G. B. Ferreira, João L. R. Moreira, Maria Luiza M. Campos, Bernardo F. B. Braga, Tiago P. Sales, Kelli de F. Cordeiro, Marcos R. S. Borges


The preparation of high quality emergency plans to guide operational decisions is an approach to mitigate the emergency management complexity. In such multidisciplinary scenario, teams with different perspectives need to collaborate towards a common goal and interact within a common understanding. In this scenario, the characterization of the variability of the elements involved in these plans is an important issue, which is addressed by the emergency plans generation methodology Document Product Line for Emergency Plans (DPL(EP)). To increase common understanding of plans, we propose an adaptation of this methodology by applying a well-founded emergency ontology, termed OntoEmergePlan, which supports the domain engineering phase. It is grounded in a foundational ontology, which ensures a higher consistency degree to the process of plans generation.

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