Track 9

Policy and Technology Readiness: Engaging the User and Developer Community to Develop a Research Roadmap

Jarrod R. Olson, Jonathan L. Barr, Russ Burtner, Curtis L. West, Joseph Kielman


A key challenge for research roadmapping in the crisis response and management domain is articulation of a shared vision that describes what the future can and… Continue reading

Geo-fence driven crowd-sourcing for Emergencies

Suvodeep Mazumdar, Stuart N. Wrigley, Neil Ireson, Fabio Ciravegna


For some emergency situations an effective response can be reliant on sensor data (e.g. river level, traffic flow, weather conditions) to provide situation awareness, in order to help authorities make… Continue reading

New method for evaluation of crisis communication in exercises – involve the public

Sofie Ivarsson


In 2014, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) carried out a comprehensive crisis communication multi-sector exercise. To evaluate communication in exercises there is a need for involving the public as they are the primary target group in… Continue reading

Moving Towards Crowd Tasking for Disaster Mitigation

Daniel Auferbauer, Roman Ganhör, Hilda Tellioğlu


Advancements in information and communication technology (ICT) offer new possibilities when dealing with crisis situations. In this paper we present the design for a crowd tasking tool (CTT) that is currently under development.… Continue reading