Track 8 – Short Paper

Community and Governmental Responses to an Urban Flash Flood

Holger Fritze, Christian Kray


In summer of 2014 the city of Münster experienced an urban flash flood not seen before with such intensity in Germany. This paper investigates the subsequent governmental and ad-hoc community response actions with a focus… Continue reading

No Misunderstandings During Earthquakes: Elaborating and Testing a Standardized Tweet Structure for Automatic Earthquake Detection Information

Francesca Comunello, Simone Mulargia, Piero Polidoro, Emanuele Casarotti, Valentino Lauciani


Social media have proven to be useful resources for spreading verified information during natural disasters. Nevertheless, little attention has hitherto been devoted to the peculiarities of constructing effective tweets… Continue reading

Facebook and Twitter Adoption by Hurricane Sandy-affected Police and Fire Departments

Apoorva Chauhan, Amanda Lee Hughes


We report initial findings around the Facebook and Twitter adoption trends of 840 fire and police departments affected by Hurricane Sandy. The data show that adoption increased during the time period directly surrounding Hurricane… Continue reading

Twitter Mining for Disaster Response: A Domain Adaptation Approach

Hongmin Li, Nicolais Guevara, Nic Herndon,  Doina Caragea, Kishore Neppalli Cornelia Caragea, Anna Squicciarini, Andrea H. Tapia


Microblogging data such as Twitter data contains valuable information that has the potential to help improve the speed, quality, and efficiency of… Continue reading