Track 11 – Long Paper

Scaling 911 Messaging for Emergency Operation Centers During Large Scale Events

Andrea H. Tapia, Nicklaus A. Giacobe, Nicolas LaLone, Pamela J. Soule


In this paper we imagine that one day soon, mass crisis events will result in thousands of people trying to get emergency help multiple via multiple mediums. Public… Continue reading

Securing Communication Channels in Severe Disaster Situations – Lessons from a Japanese Earthquake

Mihoko Sakurai, Richard T. Watson


Information delivery and sharing are vital for survival during and following a disaster. Information and communication technology (ICT) is supposed to support these processes effectively. To promote information delivery and sharing, the primary actors… Continue reading

Ontology-Based Knowledge Representation and Information Management in a Biological Light Fieldable Laboratory

Olga Vybornova, Pierre-Alain Fonteyne, Jean-Luc Gala


A comprehensive ontology has been developed to model the operational domain knowledge and provide information management for a light fieldable laboratory (LFL) performing molecular microbiological analyses. LFL is considered as a toolbox where… Continue reading