Track 11

Practitioner-Centered, Long-Term Testing of an ICT-based Triage System for Emergency Management

Ida Maria Haugstveit, Eivind Lars Rake, Aslak Wegner Eide


Triage in emergency response refers to determining the priority of victims based on their need for treatment and medical intervention. Today, triage is performed by the use of paper-based triage… Continue reading

Volunteers’ Perceptions of the Use of Social Media in Emergency Management

Bjørn Erik Munkvold, Mats Flaten, Robin P. Nguyen


The paper presents the results of interviews with representatives from Norwegian emergency management volunteer organizations on their current use of social media and their perception of the potential for extended use… Continue reading

Ethics of Information Systems Design in Humanitarian Sector: Cultivating Humanitarian values among Technologists

Ajay Kumar, Johnny Søraker 


Ethical considerations have been an important part of the humanitarian discourse for decades. The short paper aims to present insights from the point of view of a technology practitioner with field experience in the humanitarian… Continue reading