Track 13 – Short Paper

On Message: Using an Online Interactive Simulation to Train Crisis Communicators

Devin Hayes Ellis


Crisis communication research emphasizes the necessity for organized, informed, and effective strategies when engaging audiences. However it is often difficult to apply best practices from academic literature in real life situations. One way to bridge this… Continue reading

A foray into the use of serious games in controlled research on crisis management

Michael E. Stiso, Aslak W. Eide, Antoine Pultier


Controlled experiments on crisis management could provide many insights into the human factors that lead to effective performance in the area. However, the challenge of establishing a controlled environment directly relevant… Continue reading

Are you Ready! to take early action? Embedding serious gaming into community managed DRR in Bangladesh

Dr. Marc van den Homberg, Lydia Cumiskey, Dr. Esther Oprins, Dr. Pablo Suarez, Dr. Anja van der Hulst


This paper applies a Game-based Learning Evaluation Model (GEM) to assess whether the early warning – early action serious game “Ready!”… Continue reading